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​Your continued kindness in supporting Peppermint Ridge means that the men and women of Peppermint Ridge are able to live fulfilling lives surrounded by friends and family.

One of these Ridgers is Dawn, who has a called The Ridge “home” since 1994. Her mother Carol was happy to share with us how much her daughter has grown.

Here is part of what Carol shared:

When we learned that Dawn had special needs at the age of 4, our first instinct was to protect our little girl. We wanted to make plans for her to live with us forever. However, Dawn’s outgoing personality flourished, and we knew we had to foster her sense of independence.

When Dawn saw her older brother Todd move away to start college, we assured her that her time would come soon. To Dawn’s elation, everything fell into place when we found Peppermint Ridge. On move-in day, as we said our goodbyes, our eyes were filled with tears, while hers were filled with joy.

A lot of people asked me how we could leave our daughter. But we didn’t leave her, we expanded her horizons. Now, she gets the best of both worlds. She gets to live her life while we cheer her on.

Carol’s account warms my heart. It is true that Dawn has flourished at Peppermint Ridge. Over the 25 years she has called this home, her circle of friends has grown, her daily living skills have sharpened, and she has found meaning and fulfillment here with her Ridge family.

Additionally, Dawn finds joy in participating in an array of Ridge activities. One of her favorites is horseback riding at No Drama Ranch.

Recently, at the annual horse show, Dawn strapped on her riding helmet and took a deep breath. With an encouraging nod from her trainer, she signaled her horse to change its gait. As her horse began to trot evenly, she grinned from ear to ear. Her friends and family cheered loudly for her because they understood the courage and tenacity it took to achieve her goal of trotting the horse on her own.

Dawn also finds fulfillment through her work at Ability Counts. When her family wanted to take her on a vacation during the work week, she told them, “I have to work. They need me.” She is proud to be a valuable contributor.

Friend, Dawn’s growth and her full life reminds me that we could not provide such joy and meaning without you. 

Will you consider making a gift to Peppermint Ridge today? Your support makes a critical impact. It means that almost 100 Ridgers are able to call The Ridge “home” and enjoy such opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Danette McCarns

Executive Director, Peppermint Ridge  


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